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Award winning craft spirits from the West Coast of Denmark.

Established in 2013 by Titte & Anders Skotlander. Today SKOTLANDER SPIRITS is one of the most awarded craft spirits producers in Scandinavia. Small batches and high quality of rum, gin, and liqueurs.


Award winning rum

Have a look at our wide range of rums. No matter if you're looking for the worlds best white rum or an aged sweet dark rum, we can deliver. All our aged rum is matured on oak barrels. We have a selection of rum the classic Carribean Style (Great Dane Rum ) and our Danish Rum (Skotlander Rum) with a New Nordic twist and a dry profile.

New nordic craft gin

Handcrafted in Denmark. The purest alcohol is distilled with selected Nordic botanicals to give you a clean and crisp taste. Herbie Gin is awarded The Gin Master 2018 and mentioned as "The top 10 best value-for-money gin brands".

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Since founding Skotlander Rum in 2013 our range of spirits have grown and today we produce award winning gin and liqueuers as well as rum.

We aspire to create spirits of unique taste and a wide range of prices from value for money to super premium.

We wish to inspire you to drinks less but better - and we will do our very best to help you if you have any questions. Please get in touch with us at webshop@skotlander.com or call us right now +45 70605722.



Anders & Titte Skotlander

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A bit of history is in order when dealing with rum. It can be debated (and it will be) whether the history of rum started a little over 6,000 years before our era, when a sweet and intoxicating drink was made from sugar cane in what is now India - or the story actually begins in 1655 in Barbados.

Actually, it doesn't matter that much, because the main thing is that we have rum as part of our history and that it has been refined over the centuries.


That's the whole starting point. The sweet cane originally comes from New Guinea, and throughout history sugar from sugar cane was considered a spice. And an expensive one at that.

Gradually, sugar cane is grown in many places around the world – for example in Brazil, which is often a supplier of molasses from sugar cane for the production of rum.


The barrel for storage - also called the cask - is crucially important for the final product's taste and aroma. American oak casks, which have been used for the production of bourbon, are most often used.

The American oak is full of flavors such as vanilla, caramel and coconut. It is from the casks that the rum gets its color - at least when it comes to quality rum like ours. We don't add color!

Before the barrels are used, they are "toasted" inside. It is actually a roasting with an open fire, which partly leaves a thin layer of coal and – even more importantly – opens the pores of the wood so that all the nuances can affect the new rum.

Organic rum is something we make. Read more here.


A good rum – and we offer only good rum – is not meant to chill the throat. It is made to be a total experience, from the meticulous selection of sugar cane, casks and storage methods.

The first rule for tasting rum is: Taste it the way you want! With that rule in mind, you can take a few well-intentioned pieces of advice that will elevate your experience when pouring a Scotch rum:

  • Use a proper rum glass
  • Pour a good rum into the glass and enjoy the color against the light. A candle is perfect!
  • Now it's your nose's turn! You can hardly exaggerate here: put your nose in the glass and let the delicious aromas of the wonderful rum fill you. Amazing to most if the necessary time and devotion is put into this. Try it!
  • Take a sip of the rum. Not a whole mouthful - but almost. Leave the rum for a moment so that your many taste buds can get the full impression. Feel free to move your tongue a little in your mouth so that all taste buds are covered.
  • Then swallow – and wait! It is far from over - you get nuances for 20-30 seconds after you have sunk. Give it time – and respect the years of processes that preceded the drops you just enjoyed.

Well yes – it is allowed to pour into the glass again!


Is a steak from Japanese beef better than a discount steak from the grocery store? Yes, of course!

Both a cheap rum and a discount steak have their merits, but now it's just that we at Skotlander have an unwavering philosophy of promoting the best of the best. So that's what we do.

If you appreciate good spirits and like rum - or gin for that matter - it's just that once you've tasted our spirits, there's no longer any doubt that you're in for something special - namely: A drinkable experience more than a bottle of alcohol.

When you have exactly that experience, we have achieved our goal.

Shouldn't we have a glass poured in sublime tranquility - and enjoy a breath of the Caribbean? Look at our range of rums as either dark or light. And finally, don't forget that we also have award-winning gin and liqueurs.

Cheers and enjoy!

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