Your own rum barrel

We offer investment in your own 50 or 250 liter barrel with organic Danish rum.

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Skotlander Rum

We started in 2013 in a basement in Copenhagen. Read the history about the danish rum adventure here.

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Skotlander Rum Club

Handcrafted rum and being part of a rum community all in one box delivered directly to you anywhere in the world every 3 month. It doesn't have to be be part of the world of rums most tasty community. Skotlander Rum thrives on serving up unique rum experiences. Premium taste, but often produced in limited numbers per batch. Skotlander Rum Club is for you ... wanting to be challenged and making sure that you never miss one of our coveted tappings. Free welcome gift to all new subscribers. ENJOY WITH NOBLE FRIENDS

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Rum 5

Please meet Captain Jess. He is in charge of the Schooner Mira built in 1889. Skotlander installed four old PX Sherry Casks with rum on his ship. After 2,200 nautical miles (sømil) the rum has matured under temperature changes and constant movements thanks to the rough Danish climate. SAIL WITH NOBLE FRIENDS

  • Nordic Rum Fest 2019, Copper
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News and other stories about Skotlander Rum.

White Rum

Skotlander White Rum has a very fine and velvety flavour of cherry, liquorice, flowers and lots of sweetness, as well as a distinct taste of very elegant alcohol. You will be surprised by how much flavour there is in this white rum. Awarded GOLD and BEST IN CLASS at Miami Rum Festival. ENJOY WITH NOBLE FRIENDS

  • Miami Rum Fest 2015 Best in class
  • TheFiftyBest Rum 2016 Double gold
  • The Rum Masters 2016 SILVER
  • Spirit selection 2015 silver
  • World Rum Awards 2015 Best Design
  • IWSC 2016 silver
  • Destille Berlin 2016 Silver
  • Miami Rum Fest 2016 Gold
  • Miami Rum Fest 2014 Gold
  • Nordic Rum Fest 2019, Silver
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Rum 4

Delicious soft and round spiced rum that has been matured with selected liquorice roots. It gives a fantastic balanced rum with a little sophisticated touch of liquorice root. Sweet, round and delicious - almost smoked. Due to the large surface area of liquorice roots, compared to oak barrels, it has a very delicious flavour development after a few months. After maturing, the rum is sweetened with a little molasses to round off the flavour. ENJOY WITH NOBLE FRIENDS

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Award winning Danish rum

Our rum has been well received worldwide both by reviewers and at international rum festivals.

Sea Buckthorn Cocktail

Sea buckthorns grow in the wild in the Danish nature and contains huge amounts of C-vitamins, so drink this cocktail with good conscience.

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Skotlander Green Cocktail

A cheeky little cocktail with flavors of sweet candy peas and a strong kick of crushed pepper.

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Friends and family

We have collected a number of delicious micro-produced products made by our friends and family.

You can read more and purchase them right here.

Friends & family


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Feel free to contact us if you have feedback you wish to share with us or if you have a suitable place to age rum.