“Since founding Skotlander Rum in 2013, my mission has been to show rum lovers, that good rum can come from other places, than the Caribbean.

I wanted to create a genuine rum, made only from the best of two worlds: sugar cane from the best farmers around the world, and pure water from the Danish underground. Working with some of the best Danish distillers, and benefiting from their craftmanship, has also been a privilege of mine from the start.

I sincerly want to make it transparent for the customers what’s in the bottles, and I don’t add sugar or colour to the rum, unless it is written on the label.

The cold Nordic climate affects both the fermentation process and the barrel aging, and that makes Skotlander Rum outstanding.

I hope you will enjoy my rum, with as great pleasure, as I took in producing it.”

Anders SkotlanderFounder and CEO


Fermented, distilled and matured in Denmark. Small batches. High quality.


The cold Nordic terroir, gives us the opportunity to experiment with production methods. Because of the low temperature, the fermentation of either molasses, fresh juice or syrup, can take up to four weeks. The elongated process has been highlighted by rum experts, as a possible secret, behind our unique profile.

During the maturation, we work with different types of barrels: ex px sherry, ex bourbon, ex red wine and new barrels. We use both big and small casks – from as small as 40 to 500 litres.

All barrels have in common, that they are hand picked and constantly under observation, so we only use the best of the best.

The seasonal rise and fall of temperature is usefull, and our locations for maturation are not limited to our heated warehouse in the Northern Region of Denmark, where we are based.

All of our experiments give something new to each rum batch, and not two of our rum taste the same – something that we are very proud of.

We hope you will join the ride and find your own favourites as you go along.


Skotlander Rum has been reviewed and awarded all over the world.



From a cellar in Copenhagen to award winning rum brand.


We got the idea in a summer house in Blokhus: Could we make Danish rum?

Back home in Copenhagen we started testing different types of sugar cane molasses.


The first batch of Skotlander Rum I is released.

Only 1,000 bottles. The Rum wins Gold at the Miami Rum Fest.


The Schooner Mira and the captain Jess becomes part of the family when we installed 4 old barrels of rum on the ship.


Danish ”Skotlander Rum” will do what no one has done before: Mature rum in a bunker from the Second World War.

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