Rum and gin cocktails

In your hands you have 20 fantastic rum cocktail recipes made by some of the best bartenders. You don't have to be an expert behind a bar to be successful with these recipes – a big part of making a great cocktail begins with good ingredients!

Have fun!

Best white rum for cocktails

Skotlander White Rum has won ”Best in Class” at the Miami Rum Festival, which basically means it's a world champion white rum. So that's a good start. For the darker cocktails we use dark Skotlander Rum.

Feel free to replace the Skotlander Rum with a different brand, but be critical in your choice. Quality goes a long way – not only for the rum, but also for your fruits, syrups, berries and herbs.

You'll need a few bar tools: A shaker (or a big jar), a small strainer, a muddler and different types of glasses.

Ice Ice Baby

And then you will need all the ice you can get. For each cocktail you make, you easily use 10 – 15 ice cubes and you don't want to run out of ice. Or lime juice. Or simple syrup. You'll be surprised how much you need once you get the party started!

Have fun!

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Hvad skal jeg bruge til en god cocktail?

Først og fremmest skal du bruge de bedste ingredienser som for eksempel vores rom - og så skal du bruge godt barudstyr til at mikse med, før du omhælder i de rigtige glas.

Er jeres opskrifter gratis?

Ja, de er helt gratis selvom de alle er skabt af professionelle bartendere med enorm viden om mixology og cocktails.

Alkoholfri cocktail opskrift?

Det er faktisk muligt! Vi har for eksempel en alkoholfri gin, du kan bruge som basis.

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