The Rum Box

Kom med på en verdensomspændende rejse i rommens verden. Til denne unikke Rum Box er der blevet håndplukket 20 rom der hver især viser kendte og ukendte sider af rom. Bag hvert flag gemmer sig 2 cl rom med angivelse af land, destilleri, alkoholstyrke mm. Skotlander Rum repræsenterer Danmark, der selvfølgelig også har fået en låge.

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Indhold: 20 x 2 cl
Alkohol: 37,5 % - 45 % vol.
Typer: White and aged
Råmateriale: Fresh sugarcane juice, molasses, syrup

The Rum box contains rum from

Denmark, Brazil, India, Antigua, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad, Mauritius, Indonesia, Belize, Panama, Puerto Rico, Réunion, Dominican Republic, Guyana, Australia, Austria among others.

20 rum from all over the world

It’s an unparalleled experience for rum connoisseurs and drinks enthusiasts alike, including those who wish to explore Rum for the first time. The Rumtastic Rum Box is your passport to travel the world of Rum and the ultimate education one can have in Rum.

– 20 Exotic Rum miniatures from around the world
– Perfect gift for the drinks enthusiast
– Boutique producers and world-renowned distilleries
– Enjoy all styles of Rums – Molasses, Cane Juice (Agricole & Cachaça) & Spiced Rums
– Rum profiles varying from light and sweet, heavy and over proof, to dark and complex
– Try rums worth hundreds of dollars including some exclusively crafted blends for the Rumtastic Rum Box
– Discover and relish rums like never before
– It is our belief that Rum is as delightful as any other great spirit, so go ahead and relish this experience.

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