Rum 1

RUM I is Skotlander’s flagship rum, which was launched in 2014 in only 1,000 bottles. It has won GOLD in Miami and medals in New York, Madrid and London for, among other things, its design and its very clean rum flavour. The rum is not sweetened, matured or coloured. Therefore it is called “raw rum”.

A very soft rum, which, despite its rawness, gives a unique opportunity to taste how world class hand-distilled rum should taste.




Alc:40 %
Content:50 cl
Fermented:30 days
Nose:Sweet aroma of cherries and caramel
Taste:Soft, raspberries, cherries, spices and vanilla
Sugar added:0 gram/liter


Miami Rum Fest 2014 Gold
German Rum Fest 2014 Gold
World Rum Awards 2015 Best Design
San Francisco 2015 Silver
TheFiftyBest Rum 2015 Silver
Madrid 2014 bronze

  • Miami Rum Fest 2014 Gold
  • German Rum Fest 2014 Gold
  • World Rum Awards 2015 Best Design
  • San Francisco 2015 Silver
  • TheFiftyBest Rum 2015 Silver
  • Madrid 2014 bronze


“Gingerbread and christmas spices in the nose”.

- Thomas Rydberg, Whisky & Rum Magasin.

“The nose is intense. There are nice sweet notes of young slightly aggressive alcohol mixed alongside some very fruity and rich Sherry like notes. Stoned fruits – plums, dark cherries and apricot. I’m also getting a nice smokiness to this and some well integrated but quite fresh smelling wood. A nice refreshing spicy note as well – citrus fruit and some white pepper.”

- Wes Burgin, Thefatrumpirate.

“I really feel that the boys from North Jutland made a good product better. It’s as if the product is more solid and thought out. I actually think the basic rum here is better for having been taken into the playroom. It’s very drinkable, it’s sweeter and it just tastes better. Great job.”

- Mads Heitmann, Romhatten.

“Spicy with a mild liquorice flavor that lingers long. Very surprising and tasty combination. Nice classy bottle with luxurious-looking label. On the label is the batch number and bottle number handwritten. Made with Danish water, which claims to be the purest water.”

- Erik Voskamp,

“Wow! The Sea Buckthorn from Skotlander Rum no. 3 is quite unlike expectations. Really good!”

- Peter Holland,

”It has a surprising herby a la tarragon, star anise and pink pepper nose in the glass and a velvety and clean taste in the mouth with a touch of residual sweetness and sweet liquorice in the aftertaste.”

- Rasmus Palsgård,

“90/100. Hints of raspberry, cherry, spice and vanilla. Beautiful integrated alcohol and extremely gentle elegant rum. Long and warm fruity aftertaste.”

- Thomas Rydberg, Whisky & Rom magazine.

“It’s DANISH, it’s great handcraft and it’s also so damn unique that one way or the other it makes it worth every penny. Skotlander Rum I is right at home on the shelves of exclusive cocktail bars, not to mention Noma and other fine Nordic restaurants. It’s expensive, it’s exclusive and above all, it’s different. I’m a fan!”

- Mads Heitmann, Romhatten.

Skotlander’s first rum

Our aim has been to produce quality rum using some of the worlds best ingredients. We have spent a very long time developing them. Our first RUM 1 consist only of sugarcane molasses from South America, water from the Danish spring, and yeast. And a long 30 days fermentation period at around 12 degrees Celsius.

At rum festivals at among others Miami, New York, London, Berlin, San Francisco, Madrid, and Brussels the first rum has won prizes.

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