Rum 5

Please meet Captain Jess. He is in charge of the Schooner Mira built in 1889. Skotlander installed four old PX Sherry Casks with rum on his ship. After 2,200 nautical miles (sømil) the rum has matured under temperature changes and constant movements thanks to the rough Danish climate.




Alc: 47 %
Content: 50 cl
Fermented: 30 days
Barrels: 4 x 100 l PX sherry (2nd fill)
Nautical miles: 2,200
Color: Dark
Nose: Toffee, burnt sugar, liqourice, wood, dry fruits
Taste: Burnt figs, sugar, nuts, butter, butter scotch
Sugar added: 0 gram/liter
Bottles: 950

Do you add anything?

No chill filtration.

No sugar added.

Natural color.

More info?

Please read more about the Scooner Mira.

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