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I smager 3 af vores rom. Arrangementet tager 1-2 timer og der er tid til at høre historien om det danske romprojekt og smage den rå sukkermelasse.

– 1-2 timer
– 3 x 2 cl rom

299,00DKK per mand (minimum 2.500,00 DKK)

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    I smager 5 af vores rom. Arrangementet tager 2-3 timer og der er tid til at høre historien om det danske romprojekt og smage den rå sukkermelasse.

    – 2-3 timer
    – 5 x 2 cl rom

    399,00DKK per mand (minimum 2.500,00 DKK)

      You hear from us


      “Gingerbread and christmas spices in the nose”.

      - Thomas Rydberg, Whisky & Rum Magasin.

      “The nose is intense. There are nice sweet notes of young slightly aggressive alcohol mixed alongside some very fruity and rich Sherry like notes. Stoned fruits – plums, dark cherries and apricot. I’m also getting a nice smokiness to this and some well integrated but quite fresh smelling wood. A nice refreshing spicy note as well – citrus fruit and some white pepper.”

      - Wes Burgin, Thefatrumpirate.

      “I really feel that the boys from North Jutland made a good product better. It’s as if the product is more solid and thought out. I actually think the basic rum here is better for having been taken into the playroom. It’s very drinkable, it’s sweeter and it just tastes better. Great job.”

      - Mads Heitmann, Romhatten.

      “Spicy with a mild liquorice flavor that lingers long. Very surprising and tasty combination. Nice classy bottle with luxurious-looking label. On the label is the batch number and bottle number handwritten. Made with Danish water, which claims to be the purest water.”

      - Erik Voskamp,

      “Wow! The Sea Buckthorn from Skotlander Rum no. 3 is quite unlike expectations. Really good!”

      - Peter Holland,

      ”It has a surprising herby a la tarragon, star anise and pink pepper nose in the glass and a velvety and clean taste in the mouth with a touch of residual sweetness and sweet liquorice in the aftertaste.”

      - Rasmus Palsgård,

      “90/100. Hints of raspberry, cherry, spice and vanilla. Beautiful integrated alcohol and extremely gentle elegant rum. Long and warm fruity aftertaste.”

      - Thomas Rydberg, Whisky & Rom magazine.

      “It’s DANISH, it’s great handcraft and it’s also so damn unique that one way or the other it makes it worth every penny. Skotlander Rum I is right at home on the shelves of exclusive cocktail bars, not to mention Noma and other fine Nordic restaurants. It’s expensive, it’s exclusive and above all, it’s different. I’m a fan!”

      - Mads Heitmann, Romhatten.