Queens Blackcurrant Liqueur

Intense flavor of ripe blackcurrants. Enjoy neat over ice or use it for drinks.

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  • Alc: 18 % vol
  • Vol: 70 cl / 700 ml
  • Ingredients: Organic blackcurrants, cane sugar, water, neutral grain alcohol
  • Color: Dark purple/black
  • Nose: Very intense nose of dark berries and vanilla.
  • Taste: Clear blackcurrant and very balanced acidity. Earthy, tart, balanced and silky.
  • Finish: Spicy finish of dried raisins, interesting bitter edge and savory notes.
  • Produced in: Danmark
  • Organic: Yes


5 cl Queens Blackcurrant Liqueur Top with ginger beer + half lime 1 dash chocolate bitter


2 cl Queens Blackcurrant Liqueur 10 cl white wine


5 cl dark rum
5 cl Queens Blackcurrant Liqueur 10 cl boiling water


3 cl Queens Blackcurrant Liqueur
6 cl tonic water
Garnish with orange peel.

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