Elderflower Negroni-bundle

Do you know Negroni? A delicious Italian classic drink with three kinds of booze: Gin, Vermouth and Campari. Actually, it is an aperitif, but if you take a look on the alcohol volume, it is also not crazy to drink after the meal. This is our organic version with ELLENOR instead of vermouth and with the delicious German organic bitter Mondino. It is fresher and more fruity than the original.

All you have to get yourself is lots of ice cubes and organic orange zest. This package contains enough to make 23 drinks, see the recipe below.

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  • Contains: 3 x 70 cl
  • Gin: Herbie Gin Organic, 37,5 % vol, 70cl
  • Bitter: Mondino Bitterlikør, 20 % vol, 70cl
  • Likør: ELLENOR, 18 % vol, 70cl
  • Enough to make: 23 drinks
  • Organic: Yes


3 cl Herbie Gin
3 cl Ellenor
3 cl Mondino

Mix all ingredients and stir with one big ice cube for 20-30 seconds. Garnish with organic orange zest.

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