Ellenor Elderflower

Ellenor is our organic elderflower liqueur. Made together with the mixologist Hasse Johansen from the cocktailbar St. Pauls Aphotek in Aarhus, Denmark.

Intense flavor of aromatic elderflowers and fresh lemons. Enjoy neat over ice or use it for drinks.

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  • Alc: 18 % vol
  • Vol: 70 cl / 700 ml
  • Ingredients: Organic elderflowers, lemonjuice, cane sugar, water, neutral grain alcohol
  • Colour: Amber
  • Nose: Very intense nose of elderflower and jasmine combined with caramel and honey
  • Taste: Palate of summer flowers and elderflowers. Very intense citrus notes and dried fruit
  • Finish: Long, sweet and intense finish of pineapple, lemon and caramel.
  • Produced in: Danmark
  • Organic: Ja

Ellenor Cocktail

5 cl sparkling white wine

Fill a wine glass with ice cubes and mix the two ingredients. Garnish with organic lemon peel.

Elderflower Negroni

3 cl Campari
3 cl Queens Elderflower Liqueur 3 cl gin

Elderflower Spritz

3 cl Queens Elderflower Liqueur 6 cl white wine
6 cl tonic water

Tom Collins

3 cl Queens Elderflower Liqueur 3 cl gin + 1 cl lemon juice Club soda

Elderflower Daiquiri

2 cl Queens Elderflower Liqueur
5 cl white rum
1 cl lime juice

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