Rum 10

Skotlander Rum 10 is a strong thing with notes of vanilla, pineapple and barley. Aged on casks previously used by the microbrewery Flying Couch for their delicious Blonde TREE FRIEND.

The rum has no added artificial color or sugar and is not cold filtered. Enjoy the room alone in a delicious glass. Or make a classic rum cocktail.


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  • Alc: 59,5 %
  • Vol: 50 cl
  • Fermented: 15 days
  • Type: Pure Single Rum (molasses)
  • Distilled: 2014 + 2017
  • Bottled: September 2020
  • Barrel: Ex Bourbon
  • Cask finish: Flying Couch Blond Beer barrel
  • Temp: 5-22 °C
  • Color: Dark
  • Nose: Pineapple, vanilla and barley
  • Taste: Powerfull alcohol, burned sugar, figs and tropical fruits
  • Sugar added: 0 gram/liter
  • Bottles: 500


The rum is a collab between Copenhagen based microbrewery Flying Couch, who since 2011 has brewed internationally recognized beer and Skotlander Rum. The whole core – or hops if you will – is the wood. The wood adds flavor to the beer, adds flavor to the wood, adds flavor to the rum.

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